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On a Personal Note

My partner in life is the reason I’m able to do everything I want to do professionally and then some. He has given everything for me, starting with endless encouragement and support—by which I don’t mean the monetary kind (we both work long hours in unforgiving fulltime jobs). Whenever I am discouraged, he catches me before I stumble too far into the abyss. If I’m overwrought by doubt, he quietly reassembles the pieces of my shattered self-esteem.

I grew up in a family where humility—bordering on trepidation—was stressed. On one hand, I excelled academically; on the other, I had to time leaving the house with our neighbors’ activities. It was like being stuck with a bowling ball in hand, always waiting for players in the flanking lanes to roll first. A cross look from a friend or random passerby could send me reeling for days: How did I offend them? Should I apologize? For what?

My husband is my pragmatic antithesis. He shrugs off the jabs carelessly lobbed by others just as fluidly as I reach for my paranoia pin. He never judges me—aloud, at least—even when I’m wearing a shirt backward and inside-out or continually buying boots online that ultimately don’t fit (runner’s calves!).

I have friends who too quickly dismiss everything from the movies in which I express interest, the cities in which I live, and to my unconventional career path. They’re the people who walk into your house, rap on your furniture, and ask, “Is this real wood?”

At first I thought I was being overly sensitive—entirely plausible—but the more I listened to the naysayers, the more I realized that some people simply enjoy looking down at the world from their mighty soapbox. Whereas I for one would rather spend my days looking up at the world, unfettered by the hard ground of negativity. Fortunately for me, my husband makes two.

A dazzling sunset over my former suburb