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What Jasmine Star Didn’t Say

Like thousands of people, I’m a huge fan of Jasmine Star. Doubtless her photography is beautiful, but she even acknowledges other photographers can produce similar images. What does distinguish her is not her Cinderella tale of photography success or her social media empire. Rather it’s her authenticity, spirit, and ability to resolve, reveal, learn, and laugh at her own missteps and obstacles that cause clients and photographers of all backgrounds and interests to flock to her websites everyday.

Jasmine is beyond the popular girl; she’s the popular girl who’s savvy, passionate, modest, and hilarious. You can’t even talk smack about her to make you feel better. Instead, she’ll give you the tools herself to make you better—in photography, business, marketing, and your craft.

On Mar. 8, I attended her D.C. stop of her national tour, The Fix. The event combined networking with fabulous photographers from D.C. to to London, England (!), dishing out pointed business advice, and Dr. Phil-like sessions for audience members brave enough to reveal their ruts.

Many people have blogged about what they learned from The Fix; below I share nine takeaways that Jasmine Star didn’t say in words but through actions and attitude:

  1. Humility and humor are priceless; a self-deprecating joke can do wonders to warm up a reserved audience.
  2. Why be normal when it’s the outliers who stand out?
  3. Always challenge and question yourself; others will, so you will at least be prepared.
  4. Help others; the top is only fun with others around you.
  5. If you have great images—and great arms—show them off!
  6. We’d all be international photography stars if the road to success was smooth. Cling on to your camera straps.
  7. If the stage goes up in flames, the show can still go on when you have amazing support staff.
  8. Kindness begins with a smile.
  9. Photography is tiring and all consuming. You bet you’re worth $$$.

Jasmine Star--The Fix taken by Aptly NotedThe Fix in D.C., Mar. 8, 2012